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May 7, 2012

Prawn Pizza with bite!

Prawn Pizza

Serves : 4
Preparation Time: 20

Pizza base flour as per instructions on pack
12 prawns with tails intact (green)
2 tablespoons of pizza base tomato sauce
Ball mozzarella cheese grated (half the ball small size)
Fresh oregano chopped finely
100g fresh ham or bacon
Chilli flakes if desired small sprinkle

Prepare your pizza base as per the packet instructions and roll out into approx 2 cm height.  Prepare on pizza tray with holes and pre cook the base for 10 minutes on 180 degrees celcius.

Once cooked place pizza cheese on top evenly and spread the oregano herbs across the cheese.  Then place the bacon or ham into a frypan and cook until slightly brown before adding to the cheese topping.  Then cook the prawns in the frypan until pink/orange and place on top of the pizza evenly.  Sprinkle the chilli if desired.

This is a fresh and easy pizza and everyone really enjoys them.