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Dec 27, 2012

Turkey Roasted with rosemary stuffing and mandarin

Cooking Time: depends on weight
average of 30 minutes per 500g on 180 degrees celsius
3kg took 3 hours

1 large turkey (this one was approx 3 kg)
4 Mandarins cut in quarters
4 Rosemary sprigs
Salt and pepper
juice of mandarin mixed with 4 tablespoons of olive oil
Stuffing for turkey/chicken
Lurpak butter ( 50g approx in small flat chunks)

Prepare stuffing per pack instructions as some may vary.  Place turkey on a large cooking board and stuff the neck area with the stuffing.  Make small incisions on the turkeys skin with a sharp knife and insert each butter piece.  Place the mandarins with rosemary sprigs into the bottom of the turkey.  Place the mandarin juice and oil over the turkey in a large chicken cooking casserole pot.  Salt and pepper the top and place in oven.  Cook as per above.  When finished let slightly cool and then carve with electric knife.