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Dec 3, 2012

Mandys cats meat deluxe (cat food home made)

1kg beef minced up
500g fresh chicken minced up
Calcium syrup small teaspoon or you can use calcium powder 1 teaspoon.
Cat vitamins i use 'greenpet essentials' which is a natural blend of spirulina,alfalfa,barley and other goodies. A teaspoon is enough to blend in one batch.  Each batch you make you can change vegies etc but never use any onion or cabbages etc. Check online to see which vegies cats cannot eat before adding any new ones .

Prepare a half cup of rice and /or a handful of barley to boiling water add rice/barley and boil for 12 minutes. Strain set aside to cool. Steam vegies until soft and mash set aside.
When vegies and grains are cold mix into the raw meat mix then add a small sprinkle of vitamins.
Then blend in batches in the blender til fine.
Place mix into little freezable containers and use per required. Keep one in fridge you use at a time. 4 days maximum then throw if you havent used it to make sure the meat is fresh.